In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Are you in the maritime industry? Want to potentially save on your medical insurance premiums, have better rate stability and support the Maritime Association of SC? Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has partnered with MASC to offer an Association Health Plan specifically for Maritime Association of South Carolina (MASC) eligible members.

Why Join MASC

We understand that smaller employers have limited health insurance options. With the MASC Association Health Plan, qualifying MASC members can pool their risk together and enjoy savings on their medical insurance premiums and realize improved benefit offerings.

This MASC Association Health Plan is offered to prospective members of the MASC who are headquartered in South Carolina, have at least two employees, and whose business is directly related to the maritime industry.

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McGriff Insurance is an approved MASC member who can quote healthcare plans and provide additional information


When you join MASC, you gain access to unparalleled advocacy, programs, training, and strategic connections.

Why join MASC Association Health Plan (AHP)

  1. Local representation and focus
    • The MASC AHP is operated for and by South Carolina Maritime Association Members.
    • Be involved in the decision-making process at your individual group level, as well as the Trust level, and control your benefits decision.
  2. Single source solutions
    • All benefits information is entered into one system and displayed on one bill.
    • One-stop shop for ERISA, HIPAA and COBRA services, benefits enrollment and eligibility, as well as all your compliance needs. No more hiring multiple firms with separate systems to manage your ACA obligations!
  3. Plan design flexibility
    • Maintain control of your plan design.
    • Customize your medical plan and choose from numerous dental, vision, STD, LTD and life plan options.
    • Your plan remains fully insured without the worry of potential premium increases associated with ACA and Community Rating.
  4. Cutting-edge technology
    • Access to the best benefits administration technology and compliance technology available in the marketplace.
    • Improve the efficiency of your benefits team by easing its administrative burden.
    • All information is stored and transferred in a secure environment, which means your personal data is safe.
  5. Integrated compliance assistance (optional)
    • MASC Trust has the ability to facilitate ACA reporting requirements such as 1095, 1096, 6065 and 6066.
    • Receive customizable reminders for compliance requirements via Compliancedashboard®.
  6. Financial soundness and transparency
    • MASC Trust is fully underwritten, which means you get the best of both worlds: premiums based on your employees’ experience, plus the protections of pooling together with other manufacturers to provide long-term rating stability and more predictable renewals.
    • This fully insured environment means no more worrying about cash flow issues and potential risk associated with a self-insured plan.
  7. The largest PPO network
    • Get access to the deepest discounts in the state of South Carolina and the U.S.
    • Your employees and their families will not have to worry about accessing high-quality health care when it matters most.
  8. Attentive customer service
    • Your Account Manager will learn about your group and work to build a personal relationship with you.
    • Your staff can call on one reliable person with intimate knowledge of your eligibility, billing, accounting, benefits and wellness.
  9. Premium savings
    • The MASC AHP helps employers access better benefits and potential premium savings through the economies available in association health plans.

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