Annual Award Submission Guidance for the Maritime Association of South Carolina Annual Awards.

Include the following information in the electronic submission:

· The nominee’s name and contact information.

· A short statement that describes the nominee’s day to day role with their organization

· A detailed description of what the nominee has done over either a short or prolonged period of time that meets the description and criteria (if applicable).

· Name, title, telephone and email address of the person submitting the nomination content.

Award Criteria

John Hassell (Former Gadsden) Award

Description: Presented to a person whose local, statewide or national achievements are worthy of recognition.

Criteria: Criteria for selection include sustained distinguished leadership in a field or fields related to international commerce and exhibition of vision, integrity and loyalty.

Beacon Award

Description: Presented to a person in recognition of a career of distinguished service to the SC Maritime community and related industries

Criteria: Consistent service for a decade or longer to the industry

Legislator of the Year Award

Description: Presented to a legislator who has demonstrated support for South Carolina’s port related industries and the business community that depends on them.

Criteria: Not required to be a member

Environmental Stewardship Award (see separate submission criteria below)

Description: Presented to the company that best demonstrates a sustained commitment to environmental protection through corporate outreach, planning, training, education and operations.


· Must submit application.

· Not required to be a member,

· statewide view,

· staff calls out to introduce MASC

Maritime Advocate Award

Description: Presented to a person or organization outside the maritime transportation industry for outstanding efforts in support of maritime transportation.

Emerging Leader Award

Description: Presented to an individual in the maritime community who rises up among peers, demonstrating exceptional passion and leadership within their own organization and across the community.

Billy Adams Outstanding Volunteer Award

Description: Each year, MASC will recognize one outstanding volunteer who stands out for his/her leadership and contributions.


· Nominee has worked as an MASC volunteer during the year in which they are nominated.

· Nominee must demonstrate volunteerism leadership and serve as a positive example to others, while advancing the mission of the association.

· Recognition can be for a single contribution.

· Current members of MASC Board of Directors are not eligible for consideration during their term of office.

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