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Getting To Know | RESPONZA

Monday, September 09, 2019 11:24 AM | Anna Thies

Responza, LLC is an IT support company specializing in managed IT support, cloud services, and cybersecurity.

We make sure your technology works for you:

  •        Network monitoring and user support
  •        Backup and disaster recovery plans
  •        Office 365 support
  •        Cloud services and support (Azure & AWS)
  •        IT vendor management
  •        Cybersecurity (audits and compliance)
  •        IT project management

Responza provides complete IT expertise to manage your computer operations. With 24/7 system monitoring of all critical systems and applications, we ensure system stability, uptime, and productivity.

Cyber-security is one of the most important aspects of IT network management. We provide complete security packages to ensure your business data is secure and protected.

Our IT management packages include regular, scheduled systems maintenance to ensure all business-critical systems are functioning properly. Emergency support coverage provides a guaranteed 2-hour response to emergencies and our help desk is here for technical and end-user telephone support. For more advanced needs we can create a strategic IT roadmap to help take their business to a new level.

Finally, but especially important for Charleston, we offer complete disaster recovery plans in case of a hurricane hit and flooding. Preparation is the key to providing business continuity.

What regions do you serve?

Responza serves Charleston and the Low Country. Locally we support over a dozen business with services ranging from basic cybersecurity to complete virtual IT support. With offices here in Charleston, we can serve our customers both onsite and remotely.

What might surprise me about Responza?

Although we are first and foremost IT nerds, we have a lot of outside interests. For instance, one of our staff lives on a 100-acre farm raising chickens, horses, and keeping bees. Another member of the staff rides a Harley and plays in a local band. You can catch him every week at one of many Charleston venues. One member donates his time to help the Charleston homeless with the Homeless to Help Fund Charity. A principal of the company is a steak connoisseur. Whether you want good ol’ USA beef, Brazilian, or Japanese Wagyu, he knows where to get and how to prepare the best cuts. One member is a flight simulator enthusiast and is in the process of building a simulated cockpit with a VR headset. We even have someone with a master’s degree from LSU who is a published historian. And of course, we’re online gamers.

How do you attract and retain a dedicated workforce that can support all of your customers’ needs?

Our main offices and support center are located here in Charleston at 201 Gamecock Avenue. We hire in partnership with local colleges and believe that the best way to keep attract and keep great people is to treat them as great people.

Because we may be called on to handle customer emergencies on a moment’s notice, we work hard to provide a supportive and fun atmosphere.  We attempt to enable our staff to have a balanced work and family life while putting in the long hours needed to ensure our customers received the IT support they require. We always put our customers first, and to do that, we treat our staff like family.

What are some of Responza’s proudest accomplishments?

One of Responza’s proudest accomplishments is our ongoing service and support for The Balmer Group, the charitable organization founded by former Microsoft CEO and co-founder, Steve Balmer. The Balmer Group works to support efforts to improve economic mobility for children and families in the United States who are disproportionately likely to remain in poverty. We are thrilled to be a small part of this great effort to support community-led initiatives, partnerships with all levels of government, stronger nonprofits, and the use of data to track progress and measure improvement.



 4500 Leeds Ave, Suite 207
   N. Charleston, SC  29405

     4500 Leeds Ave, Suite 207
   N. Charleston, SC  29405

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